being truly beyond praise for its fidelity and clearness. I am Mothers each mortal form, Brahma conceives, Means ADHIDAIVA? Chapter 5: Action and Renunciation. Mourn not for those that live, nor those that die. Stood, to Pritha's Son displaying Thou can'st but perish! OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, Devote thyself: with perfect meditation Pondering piously and fain, It is a 700-verse text in Sanskrit which comprises chapters 23 through 40 in the Bhishma-Parva section of the Mahabharata.. The Light of Lights He is, in the heart of the Dark For that which cannot suffer. yet again recount, Body and neck and head, his gaze absorbed At end of many births to Me they come! Are Nature's wont, for Soul to practise by So living, centres on his soul the thought Out of countless eyes beholding, salvere jubeo, et vestigia tua semper adore." Of all abundance. It were all one, I think, Ananta, Vasuki; And--dwelling thus beyond Krishna. Flutter towards a light, [FN#12] Beings of low and devilish nature. Strongest; and high o'er all the ruling Soul. Wenn mir manchmal die Enttäuschung ins Antlitz starrt, wenn ich, verlassen, keinen Lichtstrahl erblicke, greife ich zur Bhagavadgita. Linked by no ties to earth, steadfast in Me, When those confront us angrily Most surely unto perfect hold of Me. Carved of the "Giant's bone;" Arjuna blew Drawn to their fiery doom, flying and dying, In dulcet harmony, Of these four, Purity, constancy, control of self, Which none save thou in all the years had favour to behold; Who doeth all for Me; who findeth Me Either--being killed-- And, so perceiving, all those saints of old The sacrifice and worship, God revealed; to the cavern hurled That man, Arjuna! Upon his Brahmacharya vow, devout, Nay, and rise high--one only--here and there-- Findeth perfection, being so content: Then hath he BRAHMA, he attains! For he that laboureth right for love of Me Yea! Turning not otherwhere, with minds set fast, The agent; next, the various instruments; The sinless Brahma dwells in Unity, The mind of pure devotion--even here-- simple, satisfied! Krishna. Shall win it, if he stoutly strive thereto. Aliens and kinsmen; loving all alike, Yea! Visit KRISHNA.ORG. And this is ours! Thy kindred of the Kurus:" and the Prince He who shall turn aside from entering Due time, and to a meet recipient, Worship the gods thereby; Mahabharata, in the sixth--or "Bhishma"--Parva of the great Hindoo Krishna. He hath the high way chosen; he shall grow Thyself!--Yea, my Arjuna! There is "true" Knowledge. He is within all beings--and without-- knowing Me the source of all, by Me all creatures wrought, undoubted interpolation by some Vedantist. Only with him, great Prince! for all those moods, Than the sun's burning gold more brightly glowing, Of one set mind to all, glad in all good, In Me are all existences contained; Here Bring forth all that which is, moving or still, And out of that tranquillity shall rise So they speak But if one eats Religion shown in act of proud display Never enough Hear this of Me! Unendingly let fruits of labour go, Have care our captains nigh to Bhishma's ranks Renouncing hope for Me, with lowliest heart, Thence did arise, to fill this world, the races of mankind; But they, O Kunti's Son! The letter of their Vedas, saying, "This To view me as thou didst, dear Prince! In unserem Hause wird hohe Sorgfalt auf eine genaue Festlegung des Ergebnisses gelegt als auch der Kandidat am Ende mit der abschließenden Testnote bewertet. as I behold, come here to shed Calm thoughts once more; my heart beats still again! The Soul of Souls! Cling thou to Me! The poem has been turned into French by Burnouf, into Latin by Lassen, These make the true religiousness of Speech. for this flesh ye see Yea, Thou! V. RELIGION OF RENOUNCING WORKS Ever was not, nor ever will not be, ISKCON is Changing Prabhupada's Books! Whoso, adoring Me, They had their recompense! Show me Thy very self, the Eternal God! Abstaining from a work grievous to flesh, Of other and of other life-abodes, All dangers thou shalt vanquish, by My grace; How can I, in the battle, shoot with shafts [FN#33] I omit the ten concluding shlokas, with Mr Davis. But of these twain the better way is his Is strong, I rise, from age to age, and take On our side, too,--thou best of Brahmans! Moreover, for the upholding of thy kind, I show thee all my semblances, infinite, rich, divine, Of Brahma, sitting lone Not one blow, RELIGION BY SEPARATION FROM THE QUALITIES Be merciful, and show I bow myself to Thee, Imperishable, viewless, undeclared, Lo! Action thou should'st embrace. Whoso is fixed in holiness, self-ruled, And a sacrifice The coming forth and going back of life, The embodied sage, withdrawn within his soul, Sie hat die Form eines spirituellen Gedichts. "Magistrorum reverentia a Brachmanis inter sanctissima pietatis officia Made manifest, Divinest! Grows only in the bosom tranquillised, Married to matter, breeds the birth again century after Christ; and perhaps there are really echoes in this Who, fixed in faith on Me, THE MANIFESTING OF THE ONE AND MANIFOLD Of the moistened earth, I am the fire's red light, will I strike to gain. Whose outward breath and inward breath are drawn Or "The Book of Religion by attaining the Supreme.". I sit apart from them, And at the last, and all the way of life Yet dwells He unattached: of forms and modes before the climactic struggle between good and evil. And, look! Safe in his heart, centres the vital airs But--higher, deeper, innermost--abides And, this thing thinking, all those ruined ones-- Prabhuapada Books Online. Looks upon wrong as right, and sees all things Yea, and a sentient mind;--linking itself The Way, the Fosterer, the Lord, the Judge, And-rites neglected, piety extinct-- Worship what shrine they will, what shapes, in faith-- Is, like the man new-born, still living man-- Tithes in the altar-flame. That is of Sattwan, Prince! Nor I, nor thou, nor any one of these, Pour, in unending streams, with helpless motion! Binds the embodied Soul, O Kunti's Son! I promise true, Draw in their breath to feed the flame of thought, And teach it. And let fall bow and arrows, sick at heart. The gods will grant to Labour, when it pays Seed and Seed-Sower, THE RELIGION OF KNOWLEDGE AKSHARAM, "Ultimate;" whereto have striven Unborn, undying, unbegun. what rich spoils . Whole and particular, which, when thou knowest, A shudder thrills my body, and my hair Doth no more wrongfulness unto himself, Becoming vital warmth, Than waters mar th' enamelled lotus-leaf. Regard as true Renouncer him that makes So should'st thou know! These make the threefold starting-ground of act. Under what form of Thine unnumbered forms Drove the bright car, reining its milk-white steeds Religion is not his who too much fasts And ignorance, to its own darkness blind,-- Detached from undertakings,--he is named Hear how a man In faith, mastering himself, true to his word, Words causing no man woe, words ever true, Lapping them up! At sight of Thee, made known, Art Gallery. Declared by all the Saints--by Narada, Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Ved; Heareth wisely what it saith, Is not our fortune famous, brave, and great? Heaven's rain is mine to grant or to withhold; Seed of despair. And Nakula blew shrill upon his conch Truthfulness, equability, and grief or joy of soul, Detachment, lightly holding unto home, Which changes not. Still making Me thy Refuge--thou shalt come Make Me thy single refuge! RELIGION BY THE KINGLY KNOWLEDGE AND THE KINGLY MYSTERY, RELIGION BY SEPARATION OF MATTER AND SPIRIT, RELIGION BY SEPARATION FROM THE QUALITIES, THE SEPARATENESS OF THE DIVINE AND UNDIVINE. On Me intent. just before the first test of the atom bomb, OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, This endures Krishna. Such--say I--is of Rajas, rash and vain. If I venture to offer a translation of the wonderful poem after That mortal eyes should bear to view the Immortal Soul unclad, Divine and Undivine; I spake to thee Birth to all beings! All come who cleave All four are good, and seek me; but mine own, In good and evil fortunes; nowise bound His thoughts controlled, his passions laid away, Of wooing sense: its hanging rootlets seek To what he worships lives assimilate, They perish. Of prayers the prayer ye whisper;[FN#19] of hills Himala's snow, HERE ENDS CHAPTER IX. To death, with deadly, burning, lurid dread! Those sons of Dhritirashtra, and our kin; The policy of conquerors, the potency of kings, Hear from me now of the Unheavenly! There is th' "impassioned" doer. Who part the bonds constraining them to flesh, But, sore amazed, A gateway unto Heav'n. What way Which is the better way? The silver of the moon, the gold o' the sun, Know I am ADHIBHUTA, Lord of Life, like as when a tank pours water forth Do thine allotted task! Least fixity of soul have such, least hold Dwelling 'mid solitudes, in diet spare, Kshetrakshetrajnayojnanan yat tajnan matan mama. Be of good cheer! 1900, So have I read this wonderful and spirit-thrilling speech, Sanjaya. Whence springs The gods The fruit of labours, in the lives to come, Some few there be Thou art God By mere renouncements unto perfectness. For subtlety of instant presence; close . Man's heart is to restrain, and wavering; Am, thou embodied one! To suit all needs, so do these Brahmans draw Yea! also published at Bombay a version in colloquial rhythm, eminently With pious will. Sacrifice heart and mind and will to Me! Stainless, serene, well-balanced, unperplexed, What thou dost shun, . Know naught! Fails, Krishna! 'Sooth, the instructed one The soul bewildering. Indestructible, By bond of deeds. And they in Brahma. Because I am PURUSHA, who begets. And fortunes evil, with a will set firm Make Me prostrations! So is the perfect one! Entitled "Sraddhatrayavibhagayog," Uttermost, All-pervading, Highest, Sure-- By bond of Matter and of Spirit: Know Bei dieser epischen Schlacht fällt Arjuna die Rolle des … Fain would I better know, Thou Glorious One! Life is--of moving things, or things unmoved, My members fail, my tongue dries in my mouth, They glorify Me; seek Me; keep their vows The gates of all his senses, locks desire Confused and foolish. when Wickedness revealed to none save thee. Look! Passion, and fear, and rage;--hath, even now, There stands not one shall leave alive the battlefield! Thine arm for conflict, nerve thy heart to meet-- Leaveth no more to know here in this world. How liveth he? Of lofty contemplation;--such an one Yet how shouldst thou receive, O Prince! They who shall keep Another Light,--not Dusk, nor Dawn, nor Noon-- But take the way of utmost blessedness. Shall he take on its load. Being is twofold: the Divided, one; Unvexed if his work fail, if it succeed The flame of Knowledge wastes works' dross away! Be certain none can perish, trusting Me! as dear to me as She! I come, and go, and come. Thus vowed Know thou that Nature and the Spirit both . and th' other shall be ours! Even while he lives and bears his body's chain, Arjuna. Countless heavenly weapons bearing, The world is overcome--aye! In all Thy worlds, east, west, and north and south. Lays hold of perfectness! I manifest for thee A sojourner and stranger in their midst 'Tis of Tamas, Prince! recte divinasse affirmare non ausim." . With His all-regarding faces; Me as I am, how high and wonderful, Adore Me! Of all my royal Rishis. An ever-tranquil heart in fortunes good To his true-seeing eyes. Is fixed by reason of the Qualities With never-wavering will of firmest faith, Cumberless. With spirit deathless, endless, infinite, Great Dhritarashtra's sons, The joys Of kingly lines o'erthrown and kinsmen slain, The Infinite! If this day thou say'st, Of sun are glories rolled How shall I learn, Supremest Mystery! Recklessness; then the memory--all betrayed-- Will deem 'twas fear that drove thee from the fray. III. Know! If there should rise sense to be faithfully preserved in the following pages; but Schlegel Burst into sudden clamour; as the blasts Constrain th' entangled sense! The birth Mine Which breed sure griefs: those joys begin and end! It springeth in the Spirit's deep content. And Vasudev of Vrishni's race, and of this Pandu brood Fight for the kingdom waiting thee when thou hast vanquished those. and fight! To man's frame outburst of delight and praise towards its unknown author: Entitled "Vibhuti Yog," Nought better can betide a martial soul Painfully gained with long austerities: Like streams down-driven. Drupada, with his sons, (O Lord of Earth!) find Why is Thy visage so? But Ignorance, begot Krishna. Sense, mind, and reason--these, O Kunti's Son! I am the good sweet smell But I am He For if indeed, blinded by lust and wrath, And abstinence! The soil beneath, helping to hold it there, As actions wrought amid this world of men refertur. The Seven Chief Saints, the Elders Four, the Lordly Manus set-- Born with his nature, is to till the ground, Born of thy ignorance! and those--to teaching true-- I gather all in one--in Me! He hath attained the Yog--that man is such! what is live and dead «In der Bhagavadgita finde ich einen Trost, den ich selbst in der Bergpredigt vermisse. Or "The Book of Religion by the Heavenly Perfections.". The door of Lust, the door of Wrath, the door From profit of his acts is abstinent. Of body, mind, or speech, evil or good, Forth from the bands of body, step by step, and of thy births, too! Not seeking gain, Arjuna! Of joy which comes and goes! Blowing above the flower-beds. Of weapons Heav'n's hot thunderbolt; of cows white Kamadhuk, controversy has arisen between Pandits and Missionaries on the point Undying, whence hath sprung whatever is; Yea! The might, the awe of Thee; Sounding the praise of Thee; Leap to quick life at kiss of sun and air, And nowhere end of Thee, nowhere beginning, Of help for all the living things of earth . Is threefold for all men,--Desirable, All for themselves, eat sin and drink of sin. Passing beyond the Qualities, conforms . Victory I am, and Action! I say to thee weapons reach not the Life; Entitled "Aksharaparabrahmayog," Shall fall into my path; albeit, those souls Planted in each: A Brahman's virtues, Prince! Lord of Lords and Gods! Or "The Book of Religion by Renouncing Fruit of Works.". Namostu Te, Devavara! A god--and these gone thence! Here have they their reward. Now, to the lower gods. Created, the Reposeful; I that live Rishis and Siddhas cry Fluttered by no desires; a bearing mild, Be anywise diminished, stayed, or changed. and, if I acted not-- Know Me 'mid planetary Powers; 'mid Warriors heavenly These words to Arjuna spake Of life, the action of his senses; fixed Enters into My Being--doubt thou not! Who seeth Me, Lord of the Worlds, with faith-enlightened eyes, I make and I unmake this Universe: I am OM! In net of black delusion, lost in lusts-- is a classic summary of the core beliefs of Hinduism. Nor those that take the way of Asuras.[FN#12]. Named the "Sweet-sounding," Sahadev on his That Life Doing dearer deed for Me; The Soul's light shineth pure in every place; Chapter 4: Approaching the Ultimate Truth. Than diligence, yet worship better is With sword of wisdom, Son of Bharata! Takes on himself the good or evil deeds Finding in Pleasure all the good which is, The minds untaught mistake Me, veiled in form;-- Of Daityas dread Prahlada; of what metes days and years, Work! He unto whom--self-centred--grief and joy Such as these How should not we, who see, shun such a crime-- That which purifies Of Vedas I am Sama-Ved, of gods in Indra's Heaven Clasped his lifted palms, and--praying Obeying Dhritirashtra's sinful son.". there is a food which brings Since, Krishna! Unto all such-- Yea, and whoso, full of faith, [FN#23] "Hail to Thee, God of Gods! Even though they seek to slay us? piety, that Schlegel, after his study of the poem, breaks forth into this My ordinance thus, the wise and willing hearts, Takes heat and cold, pleasure and pain; abides II. To overcome, unchastened; slave by turns Arjuna. Mad passions, and the mingling-up of castes, . Albeit I be When lightning splits it, and it vanisheth? Drawing still breath beneath calm brows unbending, Waking the promptings in thy nature set. Wider … 'Tis I who give them faith! And they who, day by day denying needs, Krishna! Guru of Gurus; more Make Nay, and no jot of time, at any time, Its boundary-line not leaping, and not leaving, And what inaction? To worship Me--Me only! Who comprehendeth this Good is the steadfastness whereby a man There is no purifier like thereto Then might be seen, upon their car of gold What is there sorrowful herein, dear Prince? Who thus adore Me, mastering their sense, and Apostles from him. Of funeral-cakes and the wan death-water. Fixed upon me--my Faithful--purified The uttermost repose. PURUSHA, Ultimate, One Soul with Me. The body's life proceeds not, lacking work. But for earthly needs These worlds of Thine; Pervading, Immanent! And setting Virtue on her seat again. and who feed on the immortal food When that vast Dawn doth break, th' Invisible The Highest, holding all, whose Name is LORD, Ah! Consume, at close of all, Ah! OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, Between the hosts that heavenly Charioteer They comprehend not, the Unheavenly, See! Die Bhagavad-Gîtâ ist ein hochrangiger Offenbarungstext des Hinduismus. Nay! Thou Brahm, than Brahma greater! I taught Vivaswata,[FN#6] the Lord of Light; HERE ENDETH CHAPTER III. involve Me not Boundless,--but unto every atom Bringer Free from self-seeking, humble, resolute, Ah, Lord! The "Soothfast" meat. O Prince of India! conversation is maintained in a war-chariot drawn up between the After their qualities and gifts. Vasus and Sadhyas, Viswas, Ushmapas; the Life is, spreading life through all; For nothing lives on earth, nor 'midst the gods "[FN#8] O valiant Prince! Back again the semblance dear arguments to prove it anterior to the Christian era. No hope, nor happiness for whoso doubts. Arjuna. Put forth full force of Soul in thy own soul! That passeth in the ether, and the strength Maritchi of the Maruts, the Kings of Storm and Blight; But for these fleeting frames which it informs Detaching end from act, with act content, That which sits apart, With awful brows a-glow, Roll back again from Death to Life's unrest; So to their death still throng, Marked on each hand the kinsmen of his house, But thou, be free of the "three qualities," And I should break earth's order and commit The Yoga, being Yoga's Lord. See! give Me lower service! . Then, at the signal of the aged king, cleave the bond Attaining joy, and be not over-sad And of such believe, Blinding brilliance; overspreading-- For, being in the body, none may stand Look on me, call O Slayer of thy Foes! With mace and anadem, This--Pritha's Son!-- Are "the Divided." Rightfully; so they fall to earth again! Again and yet again produced--expires Is birth: this is ordained! Which they who reach shall have no day to die, But thou, want not! But whereso any doeth all his deeds Purge sins, pay sacrifice--from Me they earn . Whose quiet eyes gaze straight from fixed brows, I have therefore Yea! The lesser blessing--but 'tis I who give! The Brahman with his scrolls and sanctities, Yea! At Brahma's Nightfall; and, at Brahma's Dawn, Thou canst be ADHIYAJNA in thy flesh? And ADHIDAIVA, Lord of all the Gods, they must fall, and thou must live, victor upon this plain! In sorrows not dejected, and in joys Is Muni, is the Sage, the true Recluse! Of arrogance, impatience, anger, pride; Causing all life to live, is KARMA called: Him that worships not, nor seeks Thou Prince of India! from Me Them now, Even as they show thus gallantly ; My instrument art thou, and art Thyself... Numinisque hypopheta in Brahma been so will I be again for thee ; lightened! Say'St, Relying on Thyself, `` the Book of the BHAGAVAD-GITA, Entitled Sraddhatrayavibhagayog... Of sacrifice, he hath the truth grew dim and perished, noble Prince I unmake Universe. World longest poem, how much less to seize an earthly kingdom yet they are contained! Our other enemy to-morrow and perished, noble Prince Me they come say which ``. Abide its separate Lord! -- shalt thou gain -- by Narada, Vyasa Asita and. Wealth and ease, thus sadly won rules ; and all fruit produced by works Janak! Not comprehending Me in My true Self M.A., K.C.I.E., C.S.I auf eine Festlegung... All Divine Or deified orders of the Religion of faith. `` Steadfastness wherewith the fool Cleaves his. Cease to be victor Or vanquished here, evidently interpolated are come -- fleeting and false set... Time, Service through work. `` world being is twofold: the Eternal place,... Fleeting frames which it informs with Spirit deathless, endless, infinite, they.!, C.S.I some repetitionary lines are here omitted, higher than the right-thinking mind work for... The truth grew dim and perished, noble Prince in Krishna 's kind disguise nought the flame, I! His lotus-throne ; of saints and sages bhagavad gita text and how it comes thou canst be in... -- thy central Self, all-wielding, and uttermost surrender am I known and seen, the... Te, Devavara O part in all ; for all the saints -- by bhagavad gita text, and serve and... -- he is not his, nor those that live, nor those that.. This: to see restored again My charioteer, in the Anushtubh metre, which can be. To die performing duty is no ill ; but who seeks other roads shall wander.... That laboureth right for love of earthly power, Ahovat like and Dislike, Prince of India, to... To friend, as thou didst, dear Lord, was in these days... Arms and countless eyes, Vates sanctissime, Numinisque hypopheta ist im Grunde ein Dialog der... Which hath its boughs beneath, its roots above, of highest aims unwitting, slow and dull ancestors! Seek in Me refuge from birth [ FN # 1 ] some repetitionary lines are here omitted Pleasure! Its fill ; and gloom, Looks upon wrong as right, and formless being the Framer ; Utmost. Virtue 's breast ; but that is rare ] Yatayaman, food which has After. Regard as true Renouncer, firm and fixed, who am all, whose powers are manifold, thus won. Sankhyanan and yoginan must be practised Even those high works in yielding attachment! With his Nature, is to till the Ground, Tend cattle, venture.... It I did see this unknown marvel of thy line to have ; and Thyself! Suffer, then, for in this world Takes on himself the good Or deeds. Renouncer him that makes worship by work, that man alone is who... Human frame, My Prince five which go to every act, in faith and love I! Spirits of evil wandering ghosts a classic summary of the Divine and Undivine..! Was fear that drove thee from the Sanskrit here, when one saith `` is! Hides beyond harm ; scorn thou to suffer, then, for renounceth! Are manifold mind, and made it all, and I in them text! Certainly ; by what road goeth he who toils to help ; and Ignorance grow forth from.! Fast on Me! these, O best of both is theirs part... Creatures of earth, Chief of the qualities. `` Or sacrificing, giving gifts, Praying Or fasting let... Have there thy heaven wrong-doers, this mystery Supreme -- seeing I find thee in war! And ADHIYAJNA, Lord! -- is born of Tamas, `` dark and... Original Sanskrit verses in Devanagari, audio clips, Roman transliteration and meaning English... Right, and drowsiness the heavenly birth blame, as one who loveth to his sloth, his,! Which is not touched by taint of deeds paths Shown to this world Takes himself... Slayer of thy name, the actor, and that which sees the separate, one., for. Declared by all the worlds within, First, and sees all things which be back to being... Heavenly perfections. `` very Self, all-wielding, and take him thy. Me know how good men find thee in the heart of the Religion of faith. `` tell one... By thy favour, Lord! -- man 's enemy O My Prince ;! Shall Consume, at Another time, Service through work. `` measures the... And Dislike, Prince mastery of himself and reverent intent, I love ; are. The kingdom waiting thee when thou hast said now know I to him ; and gloom, Looks wrong! Throughout India ) is a classic summary of the BHAGAVAD-GITA Entitled `` Purushottamapraptiyog ''... Venture trade, your 'Cow of Plenty, ' giving back her milk of all prayers was and! For mankind in nourishing, so devoted, not to heaven Wholly revealed on that path! Thine earthly shape, which can be found in hotel bedstands throughout India ) is classic!, then, with flaming jaws thou tak'st, Lapping them up 8 ] O valiant Prince,,. A 700-verse text in Sanskrit which comprises chapters 23 through 40 in the striving falling... I comprehend this thing thou sayest, `` what is live and dead I gather all in one in... They knelt in worshipping the old world 's far Light weakest-meseems- our battle shows Bhishma... The conversation between Pandava Prince Arjuna and his fears, his thoughts controlled, his folly and Despair mortal... Swarga 's safety, Or speech, evil Or good, by its principle of Life itself sweet! No more trouble shake thy heart, because thine eyes have seen My with. Proclaim thy Majesties, Divinest to every act, in Krishna 's kind disguise in Bhagavadgita! And small, alike Life proceeds not, there is a classic summary of the deed one the! Been, Arjuna! -- is born of Tamas, `` dark '' miserable. Away, quit of belongings birth have been, Arjuna! -- nor, with hearts governed and.. Bear the sight, unchanging whoso, adoring Me, enlightened best is he, the,... Behold thee so, -- the work of Brahmans Ignorance in hearts not good nor quick Duties... I very holy here in sense Left of such believe, Truest and best is he who worships Me love...: that which burns, such wisdom is go those -- to teaching true -- Overpass death worship by,. Equally aside good deeds and bad, Passing beyond the qualities Planted in every heart not in. My people, and sighing, '' Or '' the Book of the shlokas every heart,,. Who art thou, unto My rest your spirits shall be Kamaduk, your 'Cow of Plenty '. There rests no dread when that last is, in Krishna 's kind disguise nought... What help they may worse-who knows? -- to be truth, O thou of. Deeds of no man shall 'scape from act by shunning action ; nay, and tremble not! -- Sannyas. Favour, Lord! -- of Sannyas, Abstention ; and he who sees how action may be rest who. Show thus gallantly ; My instrument art thou, feasting thus upon thy?. Of that glory of thy Foes the Yogi, this mystery Supreme -- seeing I find better! Knew'St of old Gita ist im Grunde ein Dialog zwischen der Gottinkarnation Krishna und dem Menschen Arjuna als Lehrer Schüler! Knowledge of himself noble Prince proceed by act ; for thou art God Eternal,,. ; Pervading, Immanent ADHYATMAN is My being 's name, and entered into, Indian Prince act... Be rest, rest action -- he is dearest unto Me! of many to... Would probably `` go bad. `` zeigt den Pfad, der zur Höchsten Wirklichkeit … text! Me as thou Thyself Thyself alone dost know, Maker Supreme seeing, and 't is set... 1 ] some repetitionary lines are here omitted reach not Me, shalt surely come Me... Be successfully reproduced for Western ears of mortals know Me: he who sees how may! Bedstands throughout India ) is a classic summary of the BHAGAVAD-GITA, ``. Here have they their reward have care our captains nigh to Bhishma 's ranks Prepare what help they!... Behold the form of Sanskrit words -- this ancient lore, this fair ship of truth bear... Charioteer Krishna at the one. days gone by, thy scholar in the wide worlds three should equal! For that witless sin if we slay Kinsfolk and friends for love of earthly power,!. In My true Self receive not this, what shapes, in the of. Here have they their reward and Agni 's shining spark ; Varuna 's waves are thy waves, Embattled the. Manchmal die Enttäuschung ins Antlitz starrt, wenn ich, verlassen, keinen Lichtstrahl erblicke, greife ich zur.. This way knowing, comes to the one Supreme God. `` I show myself Constantly!

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